Bible Study

Are you ready to study the bible?

Whether you know a little about the bible or you are just beginning your spiritual journey, you can take your next step right here.

Portland church of Christ has supported and partnered with the World Bible School for many years because of their excellent ability to teach the bible and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. You can study online right from your mobile device, your pc, or even by mail if you prefer. You can study anytime you have some time, at your own pace and your own schedule. You decide what works for you!

Don’t worry if you have questions about the bible during your study, there are people eagerly waiting to answer any questions you may have from the word of God. May God bless you as you take the next step in learning more about Him and His desire that all be saved!

Click on the link below to start or continue your spiritual journey toward a deeper understanding of the bible, God’s word.