Kitchen Duty

Kitchen Duty

Date: 06/03-06/06

Times: 7:30pm-8:00pm

Who Signed Up?

  • Bonnie Bever
  • Paulette Henson
  • Kim Brown
  • Shirley Gregory
  • Theresa Levatino
  • Chuck Groves
  • Dianne Law
  • Carol Curry
  • Kathy Butt


  • Arrive at Fellowship Hall 15min early to setup
  • Set out Juice on drink table [stored in refrigerator]
  • Set out Lunchables on food table [stored in refrigerator]
  •  Make sure tables are clean before & after
  • Take trash out
  • Assist Children as best you can

Stan Foster is your contact [225.223.2744] He will assist you in having children line up [one class at a time] & keeping the noise level to a minimum

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