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A Ministry of Service and Christian Growth

Monday Night For The Master is a congregational program that encourages all members to be involved in serving others and in growing spiritually by providing opportunities for everyone, regardless of their areas of interests or abilities, with opportunities to work alongside other Christians in service to Christ. You are simply asked to set aside two hours every other Monday evening (6:00-8:00) for this program and the work that we will be involved in. Some of the possible opportunities are:

  • Visiting shut-ins and others
  • Sending cards to sick, shut-ins, etc.
  • Small building and ground projects
  • Putting up bulletin boards
  • Cleaning out and organizing classrooms or other areas
  • Packing food bags for school children
  • A teacher training class
  • World Bible School
  • Watching children of others who are involved in the work
  • Helping with food set-up / clean-up
  • Working on special projects

This is a program with unlimited opportunities and potential for good. If you have ever felt like there just wasn't a place for you or you just didn't know how to get involved in the work. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU! It has no age restriction and it requires no special training or ability. It only requires three things from you: your love for Christ and His church, your willingness to work, and two hours of your time every other week.

As we meet together each time at 6:00 pm, we will have a quick meal that will be very simple and easy. We will then have a brief devotional together before splitting off into different areas of work. We will have all the work wrapped up by 8:00 and go home to enjoy the rest of the evening with our families. Our goal is to have at least 100 people here for each meeting and we need you to be here to help us reach our goal. Think of all the good that can be achieved in those 200 hours of work and fellowship every other week. What an amazing opportunity!!!


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