The Curry’s

Our conversions came at an early age. We were both brought up going to church our entire lives. We heard many sermons by knowledgeable and dynamic preachers who literally “pounded” it into us what we needed to do to be saved. Thankfully, we put on Christ in baptism and have strived to live a life that pleased and glorified God. The rest of this story is about how God, as only he could, put us together for life.

Mutual friends (Jim & Emily Minnick) arranged a “blind date” for Don and his roommate Joe with Wanda and me. At the last second, Emily decided to swap and put me with Don because we both liked sports. Our first date that night was to see a war movie called ” Tora, Tora, Tora” about the attack on Pearl Harbor, which Don and Joe had seen the night before. It definitely was not an “enchanting first date.” We did make a future date for a spring social event at MTSU where Don was attending at the time.

Most people who know me know that I suffer from allergies and asthma which puts me at risk for bronchitis and even pneumonia in the spring and fall. When Don called the dorm room to give me some details about the date, he was treated in a very curt manner by my roommate, Jan. He was told that I was sick and could not talk and then hung up on him. Even though, he understands it now, after several unsuccessful attempts to contact me, he concluded that I was giving him the “brush-off.” Meanwhile, my roommate failed to give me the messages that Don left so I concluded that he had decided to take someone else that he liked better.

Racing ahead several months in “our story”, after graduation from Lipscomb I went back home to Detroit to work. In the summer of 1971, I returned to Nashville to attend a friend’s wedding, and I found and interviewed for a teaching job in Sumner County. As the Lord would have it I got the job at Howard Elementary in Gallatin. Meanwhile, Don had graduated from MTSU and ironically also received a coaching/teaching job offer from Portland Junior High. At the county wide in-service that year where all Sumner County teachers met together, Don spotted me across the auditorium and told Coach Frey that he was shocked to see me there because I lived in Detroit. He further said that he dated me before, but that he wanted nothing to do with me & tried to avoid me as we dismissed.

As God planned, we were funneled out into the same hallway where we “bumped” into each other. Don was civil to me, but “forward me” gave him my phone number and told him to give me a call. I waited for Don to call, but he was busy with football and unsure if he should give it another try. Finally, he tried to call but kept getting some “old lady” in Gallatin who told him that no such person lived there and to stop calling and bothering her. Naturally, Don thought that I had “done it to him again!”

But God was not through with us yet. One night, Don decided to call his parents (in Lobelville) collect. Back in 1971, you had to go through a telephone operator to place a collect call. When Don asked to place the call, the operator said, “Is this Don Curry?” As God would have it the telephone operator was Emily Minnick, the one who matched us up in the first place. She informed Don that she knew someone who wanted to go out with him. When he asked who it was and Emily informed him that it was me (Carol Elliott), Don’s immediate reaction was “No Way.” He then informed Emily about the “bogus” phone number.

When Emily asked if Don had placed a “1” in front of the number, he said no because she lived in Gallatin and that was not necessary. Emily then informed Don that I lived in Nashville and only taught in Gallatin. Don called me and a few months later we were married. By the way, Jim & Emily Minnick were in our wedding as best man and matron of honor. God does indeed work in mysterious Ways, and we are extremely thankful to Him for what he has done in our lives. For the last 45 years He has blessed our marriage far beyond that which we deserve.

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