If you’ve met Jesus, you’ve got a story to share! But so often we keep them to ourselves. About a year ago I started asking fellow believers in Jesus, “What is God doing in your life?” I was surprised that not everyone was eager to answer the question. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of sharing your story. Many tell themselves “it’s boring” or “it’s too long.” But telling your story is as easy as saying what God has done for you! that’s what Paul did in Acts 26 in about 500 words, and he ends it by saying “God has helped to this very day; so I┬ástand here and speak to small and great alike.” My prayer is that you never grow tired of telling your story and you never stop listening to others tell theirs. God is the author, and His story is the greatest ever told!

Once a week we will share a story of how God is working int he lives of the people around us. Why? The bible tells us that by sharing our story we are 1) Giving God the credit and 2) Encouraging others to trust in God.

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