Donna Carroll

God has done so much in my life from the beginning till now and on. My Christian marriage, children, parents, and the list goes on.

The blessing I want to speak about: God directing us to the Portland church of Christ. Although we had been attending, worshiping, and working with a congregation for 20 years, we wanted more for our son. That is when we found the Portland church. We wanted a church that had the Lads to Leaders program and Portland had that and more.

The first Sunday we attended, it took 45 minutes for us to get out of our pew due to the people greeting us. The sermon actually had scripture in it, and Sam’s class opened their bibles and read. As soon as we got in the car, Glen and Sam said “this is it, this is the church we want”. I was a little reserved about committing after just 3 hours, but in my heart I knew we would stay.

So we did and have been blessed. The Elders are committed to watching over the church and the example the Elders set, the love and fellowship of the church working together, setting Christian values were just what we had prayed for Samuel to have and see. Little did I know now, I needed it too. I had missed, for so long, the Spiritual growth needed. The fellowship of young people for Sam has been an inspiration to me.

There isn’t a better group of young men and women than the ones at Portland that became his brothers and sisters in Christ. I love each and every one of them. This Portland church also reared a beautiful Christian girl that became my son’s wife and our daughter-in-law. We are now officially family at Portland! That is just part my story, God has blessed me with the Portland family and I am thankful!

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