Bible Study Resources

World Bible School – World Bible School offers a core set of lesson booklets and online lessons known as the Master Series. The Bible-based lessons teach the fundamentals of God, His grace and love, Jesus, the Gospel message, the church, and Christian living. WBS courses are designed to increase your knowledge and faith in God by seeing for yourself what the Bible says.

Freed-Hardeman University Lectureships – Each year in February, Freed-Hardeman hosts one of the largest annual Bible lectureships in the brotherhood. Every lecture is recorded and available to download and listen to for free through iTunes U.

Harding University Lectureships – Harding also hosts a Bible lectureship every September. You can download and listen to each lecture free through iTunes U or Harding’s website.

Year Round Bible Studies – Beville Road church of Christ has a year long bible reading plan laid out with lessons over each weeks reading.

Net Bible Study – Over 20 studies over several important topics

Study Light – James Coffman’s commentaries on each of the books of the bible.

International Bible Studies Spanish Tracts – Over 25 tracts written in Spanish which can be read online or downloaded

Freed-Hardeman University Book Store – For more resources, you can check out the FHU book store. Here’s a description of what they have to offer:
“When you’re searching for faith building resources, you’ll find just what you need at FHU Christian Store. The store is located in the heart of Henderson, TN on the campus of Freed Hardeman University. The FHU Christian Store carries a nice selection of bibles, books, curriculum, and church supplies to make your shopping experience complete.”