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Peyton Woodward

God has blessed me far beyond what I deserve. I was born into a good country and a good family with good health. I have experienced very few, if any, serious hardships in my lifetime, and I know that is because of God's love for me. I was blessed to be born into the church [...] Continue Reading

Jared Wilber

I was blessed to be born to parents that called on the Name of the Lord. Not only that, most of my family also were believers and it was the center of our lives. In addition to being raised in a Christian home, I was also raised by many other faithful Christians that worshipped with [...] Continue Reading


Having strong faith has always been important to our family. A few years ago our family went through a very difficult situation. A lot of tears and many struggles, but also prayers that God would strengthen us as a family and help us get through this. God tells us that he will never leave us, [...] Continue Reading

Donna Carroll

God has done so much in my life from the beginning till now and on. My Christian marriage, children, parents, and the list goes on. The blessing I want to speak about: God directing us to the Portland church of Christ. Although we had been attending, worshiping, and working with a congregation for 20 years, [...] Continue Reading

The Curry’s

Our conversions came at an early age. We were both brought up going to church our entire lives. We heard many sermons by knowledgeable and dynamic preachers who literally "pounded" it into us what we needed to do to be saved. Thankfully, we put on Christ in baptism and have strived to live a life [...] Continue Reading